GTSBE Tailgate (GT vs Miami)

Oct. 4th, 2014
Hang out before the WHITEOUT!

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Pre-Collegiate Student Visitation Day
October 2nd @ 9:30AM

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Field Engineer: From Football to IBM

Graduating from college is no easy feat for the average college student. College athletes have an extra layer of stress added from the pressure of performing well each week while still maintaining their grades. When it comes to football, most players are praised for their performance on the field, not their intelligence in the classroom. Jamal Paige chose the road less traveled and decided to stud ...[Read More]

The Gift That Keeps Giving

As an upperclassmen, you see how the campus changes as new classes come in under you. You remember the way things used to be and share your favorite memories and tips with the incoming freshmen.  I’ve seen many freshmen come in but none as prepared to make a name for themselves as Kendall Rankin. Small in stature, large in spirit, she arrived at Georgia Tech ready to get her feet wet. Taking ...[Read More]