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March For Education Recap

Atlanta NSBE Chapters came out in large numbers to promote the importance of STEM education in the the Black Community. AMFE is an event whose purpose is to promote and empower African Americans in education, and provide the community with valuable information and resources to pursue their education further. [Read More]

The Sweet Side of Engineering

Engineering opens a lot of doors and creates spaces for creativity and entrepreneurship. Several of my peers have started successful businesses in school stemming from tech, graphic design, music and beyond. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all the delicious food I’ve been waiting for all year, I sat down with Kia Benion, the woman behind SoCo Sweets in Atlanta. A Civil Engineer hailing fro ...[Read More]

Like A Good Neighbor, Your Admissions Counselor Is There!

Often times, students view admission counselors simply as the person who will process their application, when in fact, your admissions counselor may be your best ally. Their job is not to scrutinize your qualifications but to answer your questions and help you understand how to best present your talents. It’s about more than stats and extracurriculars, your admissions counselor is your perso ...[Read More]